Sunday, April 15, 2012

You are your feedback!


Do you know that almost everything which happens to you is an outcome of what you did before? I would like to remind you or make you aware that whatever happens in your life is just a feedback or response of a foundation you built before. This means that whatever you are doing now must create a feedback or response sometimes later, the responses will either be positive or negative it depends on its foundation.

If for example you have insulted someone expect to get the same kind of response which might be in different shape and style but it will be the same. Don’t expect CONGRATULATIONS! after insulting someone, there you will get some feedback like back to you insults, fights or disrespect response. Expect to be thanked, congratulated, blessed, receiving, appreciated, motivated and supported if you normally do the same to people. Someone will smile to you well only if you show smile to him or her at first, someone will hug you if you show the receiving hug to him/her as he/she is coming by your side.

Create a feedback you want in life

You are a master of your life and everything around you, God gave you the great ability to command the world around you to look like the way you want. If our formula is WHAT YOU DO WILL DETERMINE WHAT YOU GET then you need to take care of how you live now, you need to choose good life you want now and behave that way so that in future you get the positive feedback which will positively sustain your life. Choose to have a good behavior for you to get good feedback, remember the way you are now is what you prepared before, if you are less confident, it might be true that you previously accepted that you can’t or you are not able and that affirmation eats you today and makes you fail, try to change your attitude today so that you can get a different good feedback which will make you move on well.

Start by yourself

Never point a finger to anybody or anything if something bad happens in your life, start by yourself by investigating how you have contributed to the occurrence of such a problem because to where you are pointing a finger together with a problem you are facing is just a feedback or response of what you did before. Remember YOU ARE YOUR FEEDBACK. 

The way and whatever you see yourself in your life is YOU. You created it by yourself in whatever you were doing unknowingly or with awareness so if you are responsible then why shouldn’t you start by yourself to solve the problem? Nobody is able to change your world than you. Your parents and relatives can’t change you out of your decision to accept the change.

My advice to you.

Take care of everything you are doing now, whether it is small or big it has a big impact in future because it must respond back to you in its very right time. Be positive in life, behave accordingly and always maintain your reputation you will enjoy the positive feedback you will be getting in your life as blessings, you will get all what you want according to your good and proper actions and behavior.

Remember always you are what you did before; choose to do positive and good action to create good feedback in future which is your success benchmark.

Good luck as you are creating a good future feedback.
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