Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to spark your entrepreneurship spirit?

Profit making perspective

Sometimes back I posted a text on whether an entrepreneur is born or made, and my answer were: there are some entrepreneurs who are born with some special characters which favors the possibility of succeeding in entrepreneurship for instance communication ability which makes them able to effectively do customer care, as a result I considered them as born entrepreneurs. But I wrote much on made entrepreneurs and I tried to emphasize this by showing how you can make yourself an entrepreneur and succeed a lot. (Search for this post)

Today I want to prolong my previous text by showing you some tips on how you can spark your entrepreneurship spirit even if you are recently not an entrepreneur but you might have been hearing about this concept and thinking of joining this venture for long time now.

If you completely do not understand what is entrepreneurship then the first step for you to undergo is to understand its meaning. There is a lot of information sources where you can find some good definitions of this concept because it doesn’t have a universal definition but briefly I can say is a process of recognizing or discovering an opportunity which is a problem or gap in the society and find a way to fill it by selling your goods or services which is then business so as you can at the end of the day make profit out of it. This is my own definition.

Apart from reading in different books you can also find new friends who are successful and growing entrepreneurs around you then try to investigate by asking them how they define entrepreneurship, from them I assure you that; you will get a true definition which is working because these people will tell you according to their experience of being in business. From these people you will not only know the meaning of entrepreneurship but also you are going to be inspired and motivated to know more and start engaging in it immediately.

Understanding what is entrepreneurship you will automatically be convinced to join this venture but I want to assure you that if you are not careful you will end up in dilemma because then you will be choosing a new life and leaving your common life which most people know you from it. If you are employed then it will start contradicting whether to stop working and join entrepreneurship or doing both entrepreneurship and employment or stop entrepreneurship and continue with employment. The same to if you are in school etc but for your information, entrepreneurship is very powerful if you are real motivated by it, you will end up indulging to it and stop other stuffs and if you won’t do that then you will need to be so persistent until you decide to stop all other stuffs and go in to it completely sometimes later.

To solve this dilemmatic challenge, think of your main purpose which trigger you to join entrepreneurship, it might be to become a millionaire some years to come, for sure entrepreneurship is the only way you can become a millionaire than any other ventures. Write down your purpose and place where you can be seeing it every time for instance on the wall in front of your bed where you can see it every morning as you wake up. This will help to remind you and cement such an idea/ purpose in your subconscious mind for it to attract its reality every day. Read it every day before you hit a bed and morning as you wake up, if you are free just read it loudly, this will increase the emphasis in your brain. The end result of this will start becoming your character and it will start dominating your thinking everyday which is then a simply way to attract other information relating to it.

Having your purpose of becoming an entrepreneur, will motivate your burning desire towards it as time goes on. A voice in you, will always be reminding you to start doing something about it, it will be convincing you to engage in different entrepreneurship stuffs like meetings, events, seminars, workshops and trainings, entrepreneurship clubs etc. I want to assure you that if you find such pressure in you please never delay to follow your gut , do what your mind tells you because there is where you will meet a lot of business opportunities , you will get a lot of business ideas to start with, more than that you will meet a lot of Very Important People (VIPs) who will support you to start your enterprise and furthermore they will inspire and motivate you to start and enrich your burning desire. This stage is very important in sparking your entrepreneurship spirit.

Never entertain fear of failure which will be coming as a voice and telling you in your mind that you can’t do what you desire to do, start affirming yourself every day with positive affirmations and statements like, “I am a making it successfully” and not, “I am not going to fail”, this is also negative affirmation just say, “I am going to win”, try to affirm yourself positively every time this will inspire you to continue and believe in yourself ability. In fact it is possible what you need to do is to believe in your ability to make it happen and start doing it.

It is all about setting your mind to think of entrepreneurship most of your time which spark your entrepreneurship spirit, because being an entrepreneur comes out of your thinking, if you think as an entrepreneur it is obvious that you will become. And spark your thinking about entrepreneurship you need to engage much in all the areas which enable you to see and hear about it most of your time. This mean that you need to change your old friends and find new friends form this kingdom of entrepreneurship otherwise if you keep on hanging out with your old friends who are not thinking entrepreneurially they will easily pull you back to their side and make you believe that it is not possible for you to become an entrepreneur.

Just start from where you are now to seek for this new kingdom of entrepreneurship and keep on going with your positive attitude and belief in yourself abilities and talents you own from your creator, I 100% assure you that you are going to become a growing and later successful entrepreneur in the future.

“You are the only creator of the life you want by your thoughts, just start living it now”

By Erick Chrispin

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