Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Start doing it before it is done

A way to your success

Take ten seconds now and remember how many times you met some projects or business ideas which are being done by other people but you remember dreamt or thought about them sometimes back? How many times have you been shocked and surprised by seeing something in conduct which you delayed to start doing it after it came in your mind and decided you will do it sometimes later? What was your immediate feeling you got after meeting such a surprise? Hopefully were intimidating you because you thought it was yours and then it is taken away by someone else.

My message to you today is START DOING IT BEFORE IT IS DONE, you can ask me a question “how will I know that this idea I am getting is not yet done by other people?” my answer is; by the time you discover an opportunity in terms of an idea or in whatever way, that is the only right time for you to start implementing it, if you will start waiting to implement it sometimes later, you will start realizing it already done by other people.

 In fact there is nothing new in the world but at least there is something new around you. The idea you are dreaming or thinking about might be done somewhere else far from your place but if you will start doing it on spot as you get it in your mind then when you meet other people doing the something somewhere else or around your area your surprise will sound like, “WHAT! THIS IDEA IS ALSO DONE HERE! LET ME LEARN HOW DO THESE PEOPLE RUN IT DIFFERENT FROM ME SO THAT I CAN GO BACK AND  IMPROVE MINE”

This is quite different from if you meet someone do the same idea like yours and you haven’t started even a little to implement it, what will come into your mind is a shocking surprise, you will start complaining and groaning like, “WHY DIDN’T I START THE TIME I GOT THIS IDEA?” this is a very discouraging question, is not leading you towards your success in life but my advice now is for you to use it to wake up and do something on your idea.

This is your time to stop dreaming and thinking without realizing it, just start to implement it from whatever small resource you have, everything grows, it starts from littleness to hugeness, whatever amazing stuff like business and projects you see around you and anywhere in the world started as small as a seed and then as time went on with good plans and implementation they grew to the extent they are now.

This is what you can do to make it happen:

1.      As you get an idea or dream please write it on you notepad very fast so that you cannot forget it
2.      Then try to imagine deeply about its big chance to positively change other peoples’ life and then your life in future only if it is turned into its reality. Why starting with other peoples’ life and then yours? Because others are your clients so always you need to think of your clients first then the results of what you do to them will award you a very big portion of profit. This exercise will motivate and inspire you to start implementing it; it will promote your burning desire to start realizing by implementing it.

3.      After your motivational imagination then start thinking on how it is going to be implemented in the real world, think of what resources you have personally and then go beyond yourself and think of the resources available from other people around you and your surrounding environment, think of who should be your partner if necessary: there are people who have a lot of money but lacks good ideas like yours think on how you are going to use them, think on where you can use to implement it, a place where is also depending on the nature of your idea. WRITE DOWN EVERY THING YOU GET IN THIS CREATIVE THINKING PROCESS; by doing so you are making good strategies which will easy a process of implementing.
4.      After this powerful thinking and strategy making, please decide to start working on it, plan and write down an action plan which will describe when you are going to start and with what task, write down a schedule of your work then start implementing. 

5.      Challenges are unavoidable and they are there to tell you what you are supposed to do in order to improve your task, so look at them in a positive way and keep on going. Commit yourself on that by believing on yourself decision which you have taken, remember this is a time where a seed is growing from a scratch so cost is high than profit but if you commit yourself to it, become persistent and stay focused at it you will soon realize high profit with low cost.  

Start doing it before it is not done by others, don’t wait until you get what makes it to happen just start with very little which you have that matters a lot to a seed start growing. As you start it will attract more resources to enable you move on. TRY TO REMEMBER ALL GOOD IDEAS AND OPPORTUNITIES YOU DREAMED OR THOUGHT OF BEFORE AND THEN START IMPLEMENTING THEM NOW, YOUR LIFE WILL START CHANGING amazingly.

“Start doing it before it is done by others”

By Erick Chrispin

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