Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Way Towards Dreaming Big


Have you ever came across an advice of DREAMING BIG in your life? It has been said that many people fail to succeed in life simply because they dream or think small and as a man thinketh gets. I also agree on these sayings however I came to discover that many people face a big challenge of not becoming able to dream big as they are advised without knowing why. 

 They are eager and ready to do so but when It comes to a process of dreaming they do not see big dreams flow in their mind hence the advice remain an illusion and unrealistic in their life. 

You might be facing the same problem sometimes, today I want to share with you a foundation of big dreams which may positively change your life from today as you are going to start implement it.

You are what you know 

I just want you to be aware that you will never think beyond the level of your knowledge, I mean the information you have in your mind. Even if you will decide to meditate today still you will come up with new ideas which are basically found in what you know or a pool of information and experience you have in your mind. Be aware that dreaming is also an outcome of your thinking process which enable you to configure new ideas out of the stock of information/ experiences in your mindset and those new ideas are what we call dreams.

The way you generally behave, act and make different decisions in your life is an outcome of what you know or experiences you have since you were born up to now.

You work like a computer

Try to simply think the way computer works. A new computer without being installed in it any software program can’t work the same to the one which is installed. And as much as you install in it more new software programs is when such a computer offer more applications at work. 

The same to human being/ you, you become more competent on something as you become knowledgeable on it, your behavior and decisions in life changes as you feed your mind with new knowledge and experiences, you become able to think beyond your normal level of thinking as you become more knowledgeable in life. This teaches us that our body’s actions and personal behaviors are all determined by what we know which controls our thinking pattern.

Do you remember all the moment you made new decisions in life after being learned the importance of doing so? I stopped being drunkard person since I learned that it was making me stop being creative in my life. Without enriching my mind with this knowledge I couldn’t make such a decision to stop drinking.

By doing this you can be able to dream big

The level of your knowledge determines the size of your dreams, you dream small because you know little, if you want to dream big do the other way round, start exposing yourself to new information about different things in your life. Feed you mind with new experiences which will trigger your mind to think beyond normality. You normally think differently as you get exposed to new information and life skills. Start visiting new places, read new books, watch different new movies, attend different important occasions in town, read newspapers and get exposed to mass media, attend different seminars, go and do a window-shopping in supermarkets so as you can see new products and services etc.

All these will enrich your mindset with new knowledge which then will enable you think and dream big according to big and many experiences you have. Therefore if you want to dream big make sure you enrich your mindset which controls your behavior and decisions in life with new experiences. Get your mind exposed to big experiences.

Remember the way you behave is equally to what you think and what you think is found in what you know and what you know is equal to the level of your exposure to information and experiences in life.

Change your daily routines today, learn, learn, learn new experiences then your will automatically start thinking and dreaming so big. Just by applying your big dreams in real world, your life will be changed to successful one.

Good luck! 

By Erick Chrispin

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