Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Living happy life in your tough times


As human beings we were created to be happy, our nature is joy, did you know that before? This means that being sad or losing your happiness is going against your creation, is like going against your nature and the way you are. To prove this, you will agree with me that life has been Waw! When you felt happy and it made you feel dying or leaving the world as you became sad, this is due to the fact that you were created to be happy, and being happy in your life is the ultimate success you need. Will you count yourself successful if you have all the money in the world but you are not happy? Having all you want in your life but not happy? No! The truth is a happy person without money or wealth is successful than a sad person will all the money because being happy is how we were created to be as human beings.

A source of your guilt 

Every manmade things you see in the world were made out of nothing through production. If you want something you normally start by imagining it in your mind and then do something to realize it. This is how we were created as human beings, we normally visualize what we want and set some strategies on the way to acquire it. Whenever you stop finding what you planned to get is when your guilt start growing in you, this means that your GUILT is a product of not implementing what you have planned in your mind, not producing, not being responsible and not working on your dreams and on the way round this is a fountain of losing your happiness which is your ultimate success.

Keep on producing everyday

As long as you normally feel happy as you realize something out of your work then it is my advice to keep on producing something concrete everyday so that you can be happy every day.

This is our big setback to happiness

We tend not to value small things we realize out of our work every day, we think we need to make big profit or produce much to the level of our big dreams so as we can be happy, this is very wrong, remember a big profit you are dreaming about is built up by small profits you generate every day and after sometimes they become as big as you dream. And as long as success is not an overnight process then waiting an unknown length of period to become happy is like hurting yourself, we need to understand that our journey to our dreams is life by itself and we need to be happy as we live, we need to be happy in the process of realizing our dreams, don’t wait until you acquire it as whole because you still do know when will be the end. Learn to enjoy within a process of achieving your goals and dreams.

Every day congratulate yourself for what you have successfully done.

Remember you are now building a big house, succeeding to lay down two breaks in a day it mean something great, still you have built your house to a big level, laying another two breaks tomorrow then four breaks will be already made and that is great progress, you definitely need to be very happy for a great job you have done don’t wait until the house is finished, remember your happiness today motivates you to keep on producing in the next days. If you won’t value a small work you have done today then you will never be inspired to continue working tomorrow. Regardless a lot of toughness in producing and realizing your dreams you need to enjoy and become happy on how you have managed to overcome a small part of such challenges, that is the only success you need in your life. Thank God for enabling you do something to build your house however it looks small but it is big in the sense that it has reduced a work which could be if nothing was done.

Challenges approves your competence 

There is no any smooth way to achieving your goal and dream, there must be some challenges which is the reality of your dream before it is cultivated. You can visualize a house or anything you want in your life but remember it is not there in a real world so already it is a challenge, for you to realize it you need to overcome this challenge which is materializing a house. Escaping the toughness to build this house it means it will never be realized therefore you need to start working through all the setbacks and toughness knowing that you are in its right way and there is no way you can escape that hardship however the end result of all those toughness will be to realize a house in a real world. If this is how things are then there is no need not to enjoy the process of materializing your dream because that is the only way you have to pass through. Remember a small activity you have done today is so valuable in realizing your dream, thank God for that and be happy and ready to continue for the next step tomorrow.

But if…

You will stop producing to the maximum then you will never be happy in your life and happiness is your ultimate success because even those who think success is different things like money, cars etc.  At least at the end of the day we all agree that those things give us happiness which is our ultimate goal.

Good luck! 

By Erick Chrispin

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